Bringing synergy to a dynamic group with an aspirational outlook and multiple business interests



Bringing energy to life
Based in Lagos, the Sahara Group of companies is mainly involved in gas, oil and power generation, though it also has a number of other business interests. As well as bringing various forms of energy to the market, it is a dynamic and energetic group itself and has a hunger for rapid growth in an emerging market. The Sahara Group came to Minale Tattersfield to find a way of uniting the various companies within the group to create a strong brand identity which is distinctly African but yet modern.


Sunny outlook
The Sahara Group is a young and bold company with ambitious plans to expand its offer across Africa. The image of the Sunburst speaks of the group's energy and exuberance. The rendition of the sky in red and yellow could be seen as countercultural for a European Market, but in Nigeria, consumers faced with a non-traditional brand landscape perceive colour differently. We designed a corporate identity which specifically addresses the African market and allows the brand to communicate its core message clearly.


Down to earth
Minale Tattersfield turned the image of the original Sunburst into a graphic symbol and gave it a man-made touch. Thus it retained the excitement and energy of the natural phenomenon but also expressed modernity and could be interpreted easily. When applied to the first petrol stations in their retailing arm, the graphics were effectively printed and reproduced locally, in spite of the sometimes challenging environment. Our 3D designs for pumps, totems and canopies are specifically conceived for flat durable surfaces which can be easily manufactured and delivered, and are therefore cost efficient.   


Manual labour
The brief did not stop at the brand identity — the Sahara Group needed a guide for implementing the visual identity onto all the brand-carrying collateral of their business across the various operating companies. So we developed and produced a brand manual to enable the company and its stakeholders to feel confident about the visual presentation of the brand, which is rolled out across car fleets and delivery trucks as well as stationary and other printed material.





Creating a successful structure
As the petrol station designs for the retail division, So Oil, began to roll out, the Sahara Group began to recognise the need for a more formalised approach to their brand structure. They asked us to devise a system for managing the various companies within the group to establish the ground rules for a more efficient and well-run operation. We are retained in this role in an ongoing relationship.



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