Two telecoms suppliers merged under one brand for one interest, the customer. A communications provider with one thought, you

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It’s all about Voo!

To counter growing competition from new digital and telecom suppliers, the established Belgium cable operators ALE Télédis and Brutélé decided to merge. A new brand for their combined services of television, internet and telephone needed developing, which would appeal to both business and residential sectors. At the same time the visual identity had to work in print, online and on other digital platforms. The brief was to create a new name along with an adaptable, user-friendly visual identity.




So versatile

Created by our Belgium office, Minale Design Strategy, the solution came about through understanding of the key element of the brand, which was all about putting the customer at the heart of the service. In fact it was all about you. Or Voo, a phonetic take on ‘vous’ the French word for you. The short, catchy name and chunky logotype make the identity very adaptable for use online and it works particularly well in animated sequences. It even works as a piece of furniture.


The Voo name perfectly communicates the essence of the offer. Customers have a choice from a wide range of available packages, depending on whether they prefer just to have a basic telephone service with a few TV stations, or telephone, internet and a more comprehensive TV service, or a full-service contract including phone, internet and every TV channel. It’s all about customers deciding what level of service they require and finding the package to suit. As a customer, you can be sure Voo has your interests at heart.






Over the last year an extensive branding programme has been underway to communicate VOO’s commitment to giving customers more control. Together the Voo name and logotype have become a memorable brand mark, contributing significantly to the success of the new company. The Voo brand identity works for all audiences and is suitable for use whatever the required tone, whether serious or playful.


Simply put, it’s all about you!



Management Team

Project and Creative Director: Jim Waters

Client Director: Gwenael Hanquet

Designer: Minale Design Strategy - Paris and Brussels Offices

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