Shoppers who are happy are shoppers who will spend. If they can’t find their way around, you’ve lost them from the start.

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Oz is the retail brand name of AIM, a Turkish-Russian consortium. The OZ brand of shopping malls were conceived as chain of malls to span Russian 2nd string cities from Saratov to Omsk.


So far the Krasnodar Mall has been built and it is the largest shopping and entertainment centre in the south of Russia. It's the kind of place even the most shopping averse consumers might be dragged to and then beg to stay a bit longer.


Why? Because shoppers who are happy are shoppers who will spend. If they can’t even find their way around, you’ve lost them from the start. 





Krasnodar OZ Mall was conceived as a multi-million pound programme using a highly flexible prototype developed by Dyer architects. Following the Mall's construction, Minale Tattersfield was invited to create a wayfinding sign system that seamlessly creates a memorable sequence of spaces plus visuals for an internal directory to attract commercial tenants. A key element of the sign design was to ensure the look integrated with the building, branding and lighting.  




The way ahead 
The architecture of the building suggests modernity and organic growth, with its soft and wave-like shapes which wrap around the exterior. It has great appeal to visitors, inviting them into a building which looks welcoming and protective. Once inside our idea was to hold their hand invisibly and guide them to their destinations on their wish list. Meaning our challenge was to design a way-finding system that would be functional and effective, but also friendly and charming. Signposts with a smile!




A sign of quality 
Russia has cold winters when snow can lie a metre thick on the ground. We designed our car park signage to withstand freezing temperatures and stand above the snow level. The highway signage started up to 5km away in order to direct the motorist towards the mall. On site, signage was designed to be modular in construction and therefore practical to build and replicate across multiple sites.


Once inside the mall, visitors can differentiate between floors with a touch-screen wayfinding display. Anchor tenants and individual retail brands can communicate to consumers via revenue-generating interior signs, in keeping with the building’s architecture. For other display information, brightly-coloured banners are mounted in elevated positions to make maximum use of ambient light. This doesn’t just look attractive and create an emotional warmth - it helps to keep overheads down too.





OZ MALL, Krasnodar, pronounced Russia's best shopping center
Oz Shopping and Entertainment Center was this year recognized as the best grand shopping center and awarded the prize in the Deal of the Year. Rent – Commercial Real Estate nomination at the 10th Anniversary Commercial Real Estate Awards Ceremony held in Moscow.





"Minale Tattersfield managed to create a sign system that presents the OZ brand in a manner that is as ground breaking as the core architectural elements. We expect our investment in design to deliver a significant payback."

Melih Ozcan


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