Trentodoc is the appellation given to Italy’s oldest Metodo Classico sparkling wine category.

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Trento D.O.C is the appellation given to Italy’s oldest Metodo Classico sparkling wine category. The D.O.C denominates the region, method of production and high quality. Unable to use the word ‘Champagne’ as a product or method descriptor, the Trentino region and its 27 Trento D.O.C producers commissioned a full brand and design strategy to position Trentino and its Trento D.O.C wines as the ‘Champagne’ of Italy.



Our modular process began with an audit of the existing category brand and interviews with project stakeholders. Workshops enabled us to gain pivotal insights to arrive at the most compelling and authentic Trento D.O.C positioning. We worked closely with the different ‘stories’, working powerful insights and brand truths into a big idea that defines the brand attitude, behaviour, tone of voice and visual communications. The selected name reflects the key attributes, retaining the heritage and defining the area, and ensuring the quality of wine remains of key relevance to the brand. The visual identity works as a metaphor for the ‘remuage’ process in Champagne wines, of turning the bottles every day.



The clearer brand positioning is allowing greater differentiation within the category for each of the 27 individual Trentodoc brands. With a clear brand architecture, the producers can now focus on individual communication methods and visual identities that complement the category framework; adding value back into the Trentodoc category which symbiotically raises the standing of their own. At a time of real growth in global sparkling wines, this is allowing Trentodoc to market fully the heritage, provenance and elite quality that established them as the original ‘Champagne’ method wine in Italy.  








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