An arkful of animal logo designs to explore in the latest Counter-Print publication.



The latest release by Counter-Print, 'Animal Logo: Trademarks and Symbols’ is a useful introduction to the world of animal logo design, and includes a number of identity designs by Minale Tattersfield and other leading design agencies.


This slim softbound book includes 256 animal logos arranged across 132 pages. It is by no means the largest or most comprehensive book of its kind in existence, but this makes it all the more accessible for anyone wanting a quick reference, with helpful categories such as acquatic, elephants, mythical and primates. 

The selected animal logo designs include the Different Toy bear for House of Fraser,
 the educational book entitled Two Can, and the FA Premier League lion, the original symbol designed by us to symbolise the new Football Premier League. 

Animals are, of course, a rich source of inspiration for identity designers and marketers who need to convey the essence of a brand quickly and succinctly. Explore some of our other animal-themed work such as the Babingtons cat, Bluewater horse, Sassoregale boar, and a stag for a local speciality and gift Tea Company based in Richmond.


Animal Logo: Trademarks and Symbols Counter-Print is available to purchase now from Counter-Print.

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