Introducing a network of predictable tactile signs, giving pedestrians confidence they will be able to locate where they are throughout their journey and arrive easily and safely at their destination.



After a tentative start and a number of hurdles to overcome, Minale Tattersfield welcomes the approval of the draft response it submitted as part of the strategic framework document for City of Sydney’s public consultation Legible Sydney.


Legible Sydney Wayfinding Strategy promises to improve directions around the city with a mix of maps, signs, public transport options and information for planning trips and landmarks. The upgrade to Sydney’s 15 year old signage system also includes increasing interactive and digital outlets.


City of Sydney and the wayfinding design teams of Minale Tattersfield Sydney and London offices liaised closely during a protracted period of open consultation which began in August 2012.  


The signage design, system and information components which formed part of the presentation take into careful consideration how different people make journeys in different ways through the city, particularly those with different disabilities, in order to be as inclusive and useful to as many people as possible.


Hans Gerbel, Head of Minale Tattersfield Sydney Office comments:

“The Legible Sydney Wayfinding project was a collaborative project involving a number of key stakeholders. The positive contribution of People with Disabilities (PWD), in partnership with Vision Australia and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, enabled us to conduct meaningful trial of prototype tactile signage, and provided us with useful feedback during this important stage of testing.”


Three different typeface options on life-sized signs were trialled among people with varying degrees of visual acuity: Frutiger 57 Condensed, Rotis Sans Serif 55 and Univers 57 Condensed. Other elements were also rigoursly tested, such as: QR codes for specific needs, colour contrast on signs and maps, legibility of pictograms, symbols and multilingual print... 


Minale Tattersfield is now entering into the forthcoming design phase for Legible Sydney and will illustrate adaptions of the world’s best practices with a design and wayfinding system suitable for Sydney. 



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