Welcome! This is where you can get Marcello Minale's classic book - How to run and run a successful multi-disciplinary design company!

This is the book everyone in the design profession has read at some point in their career. Marcello Minale, provides a practical guide to running a multi-disciplinary design company - based on more then 30 years of his own experience as a designer. If interested in getting some straight talking insights and advice that is still relevent in today's information age, just fill in the form below and order your copy.

How to run a multi-disciplinary design company

How to run and run a successful multi-disciplinary design company costs £7.50 (postage and delivery NOT included). To receive your copy, just fill in your name and address details and select the region you want the book delivered to. We will then get in touch to arrange payment before we send your copy. Thank you.

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